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Yale Media

  • Terry Eagleton discusses his new book 'The Event of Literature' (part 1)

    Tuesday, 03 April 2012

    In his new book The Event of Literature Terry Eagleton returns to the discipline to which he has devoted his career: literary theory. The book reconsiders previous stances of lit theory and offers fresh takes on much-studied books and critical theories. Here, in this exclusive author video, Terry discusses his conscious return to pure literary theory, and the implications of this in contemporary culture.

  • The Ancient Olympics, War Without the Shooting: Video interview with Neil Faulkner

    Tuesday, 27 March 2012

    Published this week, A Visitor’s Guide to the Ancient Olympics by Neil Faulkner offers a complete tour of the Olympic site exactly as athletes and spectators found it. The book evokes the sights, sounds and smells of the (rather grim sounding) encampment; introduces the various attendees (from champions and charlatans to aristocrats and prostitutes); and explains the exotic religious rituals. In this interview for Blackwells, Faulkner provides an introduction to the games, vividly describing the spectacle as experienced by a visitor in ancient times. Along the way Faulkner reveals some unusual details. For instance, did you know that the spectators at the games made offerings to Zeus to rid them of flies? Faulkner also offers an explanation for the popularity of the games, as a physical and mental preparation for war...

  • Jan Plamper discusses 'The Stalin Cult: A Study in the Alchemy of Power'

    Tuesday, 27 March 2012

    The Stalin CultThe Stalin Cult: A Study in the Alchemy of Power is the first book to examine the cultural products and production methods of the Stalin cult. Jan Plamper reconstructs a hidden history linking artists, party patrons, state functionaries and ultimately Stalin himself in the alchemical project that transformed a pock-marked Georgian into the embodiment of global communism. This interview with the author is part of joint project with Russian History Blog. Please visit the blog to join a discussion among several scholars on the significance of the Stalin cult (beginning 28 March 2012).