Dateline Israel New Photography and Video Art Susan Tumarkin Goodman, Andy Grundberg, Nissan N. Perez

Publication date:
31 Mar 2007
Yale University Press
120 pages: 241 x 267mm
23 b-w + 83 color illus.
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A fascinating and timely look at Israel by contemporary Israeli and non-Israeli artists from a wide range of perspectives

What can art tell us about Israel today? Is there an artistic consensus among those living inside and outside the country? How does an artist come to terms with the disturbing realities in Israel---violence, political instability, insecurity, and social discrimination? These questions are at the heart of Dateline Israel: New Photography and Video Art, a compelling volume that presents photographs and videos of Israel from the diverse outlooks of nearly two dozen international artists. These images reveal the intensity of life there as well as the artists’ profound personal responses to Israeli life and culture. What is revealed is a complicated view of Israel that has evolved out of the utopian model of an earlier era. In three insightful essays, the contributors to the volume explore the role of art and artists in contemporary Israel. Susan Tumarkin Goodman examines the aesthetic and political underpinnings of lens-based art made in Israel; Andy Grundberg discusses the roots of Israeli photography and video and places them in an international context; and Nissan N. Perez offers an insider’s view of the cultural issues that affect the practice of art in Israel today.

Susan Tumarkin Goodman is senior curator at The Jewish Museum. Andy Grundberg is chair of the photography department at the Corcoran College of Art and Design. Nissan N. Perez is Horace and Grace Goldsmith Senior Curator of Photography at The Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

"This catalog presents Israel as the subject in photographic and video format in the years following 2000. . . . In a manner that is visually powerful, controversial, and thought-provoking, the artists bring their own personal and complicated views to portraits, landscapes, urbanscapes, other imagery, and videos of conflict and daily life in the area. . . . Highly recommended."?Choice

"In this work Susan Tumarkin Goodman captures more than people with her lens. There are spectacular pictures of walls. Walls with slogans. Walls with murals. Evan a wall with a picture of the scenery that is blocked from view on the other side. Dateline Israel portrays Israel in all its spectacular rawness."?Jewish Book World