Constitutional Sentiments Andras Sajo

Publication date:
04 Jan 2011
Yale University Press
400 pages: 235 x 156 x 33mm
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The Constitution was written to shape human behavior and affairs, and it does so by appealing to people’s hearts, not only their minds. An interdisciplinary analysis sheds new light on the emotions that underlie constitutional law, with many cogent examples.

András Sajó is Justice at the European Court of Human Rights and University Professor, Central European University, Budapest. He lives in Strasbourg, France.

A remarkable and provocative treatise ; it breaks through the boundaries of classical legal scholarship. Andras Sajo’s impressive cross-disciplinary work maps out an exciting new frontier in understanding and theorising about fundamental human rights. It also reminds us, long after Hobbes, that passions are of a crucial importance for institutions.”—Jean-Paul Costa, President, European Court of Human rights

"Both the cultural-historical and the strictly legal erudition of the author are impressive and the depth and orginality of his intuitions are very often admirable. . . . Constitutional Sentiments is a well written scholarly argument, which reads pleasurably, flowing often like a good novel."—Bogdan Iancu, Law & Politics Book Review