"Primitivism, Cubism, Abstraction" by Gill Perry

Primitivism, Cubism, Abstraction The Early Twentieth Century Gill Perry, Francis Frascina, Charles Harrison

Publication date:
26 May 1993
Yale University Press
280 pages: 254 x 203mm
182 b/w + 48 color illus.

This volume presents a survey of art from the first two decades of the twentieth century. The authors begin by exploring how aspects of the primitive were invoked by the rural artists' colonies formed in France and Germany at the end of the nineteenth century and by the work of the Fauves and the German Expressionists a few years later. The book then develops an analysis of Cubist works based on semiotic theory, considering the social and cultural values encoded in such signifying systems, and investigating the relationship between representation and ideology. The final chapter considers some problems of interpretation and evolution posed by specific examples of abstract art ranging from Malevich to Mondrian.

Francis Frascina and Gill Perry are Lecturers in Art History, Nigel Blake is Lecturer in Educational Technology, and Charles Harrison is Staff Tutor and Reader in Art History at the Open University. Briony Fer and Tamar Garb are Lecturers in Art History at University College, London University.

"Each of the four volumes, which can stand alone, is well produced, reasonably priced, and replete with high-quality black-and-white and color plates. . . . The set presents the consistency and wide appeal of a survey while at the same time providing individually focused and methodologically explicit essays in the form of chapters on specialized topics relating to limited periods of time. . . . The intellectual integrity that permeates each volume, the excellent production qualities, and the overall superb quality of this specialized survey of modern art?all recommend this set highly for academic collections and for large public library collections emphasizing modern and contemporary European and American art."?Choice