How To Be Fit New Revised Edition Robert Kiphuth

Publication date:
11 Dec 1962
Yale University Press
224 pages: 203 x 130mm
450 b-w illus.

The maintenance of our physical fitness is a matter of national concern, from the President’s Council on Youth Fitness to our private efforts to preserve youthful proportions. Coach Kiphuth has been campaigning since the beginning of World War II for improvement in the standards of physical fitness for adults, both men and women. This new edition of How to Be Fit includes a section of exercises for men, one for women, and a section of exercises to be performed by two men together. The instructions make clear not only how but why each exercise is to be done and what benefits will result from its practice. New drawings illustrate the correct form for every movement.

"If one can take his exercise only by means of a few minutes of calisthenics daily he will find this manual excellent. It is beautifully illustrated, clearly written, and presents a series of exercises that are good and well arranged. It is written by a famous and successful swimming coach."?Hygeia (from an earlier edition)

"Even if you play some golf, or some tennis, or perhaps, ski on some weekends, you probably do not get enough regular exercise. Here is a good book?short, clear, beautifully illustrated and full of interesting, graded exercises. The buck is now in your hands and there is nobody for you to pass it to."?Atlantic Monthly