Nature Crime How We're Getting Conservation Wrong Rosaleen Duffy

Publication date:
15 Jul 2010
Yale University Press
288 pages: 229 x 152mm
30 illus.
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In this impressively researched, alarming book, Rosaleen Duffy investigates the world of nature conservation, arguing that the West’s attitude to endangered wildlife is shallow, self-contradictory, and ultimately very damaging. Analyzing the workings of the black-market wildlife industry, Duffy points out that illegal trading is often the direct result of Western consumer desires, from coltan for cellular phones to exotic meats sold in London street markets. She looks at the role of ecotourism, showing how Western travelers contribute—often unwittingly—to the destruction of natural environments. Most strikingly, she argues that the imperatives of Western-style conservation often result in serious injustice to local people, who are branded as “problems” and subject to severe restrictions on their way of life and even extrajudicial killings.

Rosaleen Duffy is Professor at the Centre for International Politics, Manchester University, UK

“Heavily researched. . . . The points made are well constructed and contain examples that will open readers' minds to new perspectives on conservation. . . . A must-read for conservationists.”—K. K. Goldbeck, Choice

Selected as a Choice Outstanding Academic Title for 2011 in the Biology category.