"The Works of Samuel Johnson, Vol 17" by Samuel Johnson

The Works of Samuel Johnson, Vol 17 Volume 17: A Commentary on Mr. Pope’s Principles of Morality, Or Essay on Man (A Translation from the French) Samuel Johnson, O. M. Brack

The Yale Edition of the Works of Samuel Johnson
Publication date:
11 Jan 2005
Yale University Press
512 pages: 222 x 146mm
3 b-w illus.


This volume is the first scholarly edition of Samuel Johnson’s translation of Jean Pierre de Crousaz’s Commentaire sur la traduction en vers de M. Abbé Du Resnel, de l’Essai de M. Pope sur l’homme, published in 1739. Included are notes comparing Johnson’s translation with the French original to show his method of translation and historical annotations.
Of special interest are several lengthy footnotes that Johnson added to his translation. Among these are thoughts relating to the problem of evil, particularly the ruling passion and the necessity of free will. Many of the ideas first given expression here were to occupy Johnson’s mind for the remainder of his life.

O. M. Brack, Jr., is professor, Department of English, Arizona State University.

"This edition supplies a belated happy epilogue to the story of one of Johnson's unluckiest projects. . . . An authoritative edition of a hitherto neglected work."?F.P. Lock, Johnsonian News Letter