"Visiones" by Carlos M.              Coria-Sánchez

Visiones Perspectivas literarias de la realidad social hispana Carlos M. Coria-Sánchez, Germán Torres

Yale Language Series
Publication date:
11 Oct 2002
Yale University Press
312 pages: 229 x 152mm
10 b-w illus.

Visiones is a unique anthology of Spanish literature that employs literary texts to explore social, political, and economic issues specific to Hispanic cultures. The book approaches literary texts—novels, short stories, poetry, drama, and essays—in a new way, by focusing not on traditional literary analysis but on the social aspects of the works. The writings represent Latin America as well as Spain, and they encompass diverse topics ranging from urban living conditions to sexism in Hispanic society to different cultural attitudes that foreign business executives may encounter.

Written for intermediate and advanced students of business Spanish, the anthology is also an appropriate supplement for Spanish culture and international studies classes. The original literary texts (some presented complete and others in fragments) are accompanied by a biographical sketch of the author, a short explanation of the social and economic circumstances portrayed in the selection, pre- and postreading exercises, vocabulary, discussion questions, and glossaries. Offering an authentic view of social and cultural realities in countries with Spanish-speaking populations, this book will prove invaluable to students preparing to participate in Spanish culture and especially the world of business.

?This literary cultural anthology?the first to focus on the socioeconomic reality of the Hispanic countries?provides good linkage between the literary selections and the corresponding social conditions they exemplify.??Maria Cooks, Purdue University

"A new and refreshing approach to the study of literature. . . . Designed for the intermediate or advanced student of business Spanish, this text could also be used successfully in a traditional Hispanic literature course, or as a supplement in a course in International Business or even Anthropology. . . . Well-designed and extraordinarily inclusive."?NECTFL Review