Politics, Health, and Health Care Selected Essays Theodore R. Marmor, Rudolf Klein

Publication date:
24 Jul 2012
Yale University Press
592 pages: 235 x 156 x 38mm
10 graphs
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Two towering figures in the field of health care policy analysis, Theodore R. Marmor and Rudolf Klein, reflect on a lifetime of thought in this wide-ranging collection of essays published in the wake of President Obama’s health care reform. Presented as a kind of dialogue between the two, the book offers their recent writings on the future of Medicare; universal health insurance; conflicts of interest among physicians, regulators, and patients; and many other topics.

Theodore R. Marmor is professor emeritus of public policy, management, and political science at Yale University. Rudolf Klein is professor of social policy emeritus at the University of Bath.

'Good public policy research is hard to find for the same reason that it is worth doing; it demands understanding both politics, and policy debates. Hard, but, as these essays show, ultimately very rewarding' - Scott L. Greer, Journal of Social Policy, Vol 42/3, 2013

 "Even though some of the pieces were written long ago, the essays remain fresh, in part because the authors' focus on ideas, interests and institutions is timeless."—Andrea Louise Campbell, Associate Professor of Political Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"A duet between towering figures, reflecting a lifetime of thought."—Carolyn Tuohy, Senior Fellow and Professor Emeritus of Political Science, School of Public Policy and Governance, University of Toronto