My Dear Mr. Stalin The Complete Correspondence of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph V. Stalin Susan Butler, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.

Publication date:
22 Jan 2008
Yale University Press
384 pages: 229 x 148mm
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In the midst of the crises of the Second World War, Roosevelt and Stalin secretly exchanged three hundred letters, published together now for the first time

My Dear Mr. Stalin is the first publication that contains the complete correspondence between Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph V. Stalin. This collection of more than three hundred hot-war messages, never before fully available in any language, is an invaluable primary source for understanding the relationship that developed between these two great world leaders during a time of supreme world crisis. The correspondence, secret at the time, begins with a letter Roosevelt wrote to Stalin offering aid to the Soviet Union following Hitler’s surprise attack in 1941. It ends with a message that was an attempt to minimize the differences between the two leaders, approved by Roosevelt only minutes before his death in 1945. The book traces the evolution of their unique relationship, revealing the statesmanship of the two men and their thinking about the grave events of their time. An informative introduction to the volume and generous annotations set the letters in context.

SUSAN BUTLER is the author of East to the Dawn: The Life of Amelia Earhart.

" indispensable tool for historians of the period..." - Richard Overy, Literary Review

" of the most important collections of 20th-century correspondence for a long time..." - Antony Beevor, The Times

?It is an anomaly of historical scholarship that the Stalin-Roosevelt correspondence ? running to over 300 items ? has had to wait so long for publication. Susan Butler is to be congratulated for her sterling work?in bringing together all the messages and providing a commentary.? - Martin McCauley, East-West Review

?This is a very important book of source and reference material which ought to stay in print for many years, and of enduring interest not only for scholarship about Stalin, but perhaps even more about Roosevelt.??John Lukacs

?My Dear Mr. Stalin is a fascinating historical collection of letters between the two most powerful men on earth?hence this is both highly important and vibrantly human. The result is a captivating book that will be obligatory for all scholars of the Grand Alliance and those interested in how the World War was won.??Simon Sebag Montefiore, author of Potemkin: Catherine the Great?s Imperial Partner and Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar


"We . . . owe a debt to Susan Butler, who has brought together for the first time the entire extent run of Roosevelt's and Stalin's letters. It is a remarkable set of historical documents."?Gerald Russello, New York Sun

?This collection is a history junkie?s delight. . . . Those who read this will gain a firsthand look into the minds of two world leaders thrown together by Hitler and the contingencies of war.??Publishers Weekly

"Susan Butler has dusted the cables down and presented [the Stalin-Roosevelt correspondence] as a full record...history is indebted to her." - Frances Stonor Saunders, The Guardian

"The publication for the first time of the complete correspondence between Franklin Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin provides an important insight into the shaping of his personal relationship with the Soviet leader."?William Jones, Excecutive Intelligence Review

"[A] thoughtful glimpse at the most important political relationship of World War II."?Robert F. Baumann, Military Review

"A most valuable addition to the historical basis for our current understanding of wartime diplomacy on the part of the allies' two most prominent political figures."?David M. Glantz, The Russian Review