"Italian Illuminated Manuscripts in the J.Paul Getty Museum" by . Kren

Italian Illuminated Manuscripts in the J.Paul Getty Museum . Kren

Getty Publications - (Yale)
Paperback / softback
Publication date:
31 Mar 2006
Getty Publishing
128 pages: 238 x 184 x 10mm
80 colour illustrations

The Getty Museum inaugurates a new series of affordable publications that introduce the public to the richness of its holdings in illuminated manuscripts. The first in the series features Italian manuscript illumination from the ninth to the sixteenth centuries. This volume showcases full-colour reproductions of masterpieces by Niccolo da Bologna, Pisanello, Girolamo da Cremona, Taddeo Crivelli, Giovanni di Paolo, Matteo da Milano, Antonio da Monza, and the Master of Gerona, among a number of Italy's finest illuminators. The selection includes multiple illuminations from such sumptuous volumes as the Montecassino Breviary, the Gualenghi-d'Este Hours, the Missal of the Anti-Pope John XXIII, and the recently discovered Orsini Missal, along with exceptional leaves from the celebrated choir books of Santa Maria degli Angeli, Florence, and from the laudario of the Compagnia di Sant'Agnese, Florence. J. PAUL GETTY MUSEUM

Thomas Kren and Kurt Barstow are curator of manuscripts and associate curator of manuscripts, respectively, at the Getty Museum