"European Intellectual History from Rousseau to Nietzsche" by Frank M. Turner

European Intellectual History from Rousseau to Nietzsche Frank M. Turner, Richard A. Lofthouse

Publication date:
05 Apr 2016
Yale University Press
320 pages: 197 x 127mm
14 color illus.
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One of the most distinguished cultural and intellectual historians of our time, Frank Turner taught a landmark Yale University lecture course on European intellectual history that drew scores of students over many years. His lectures—lucid, accessible, beautifully written, and delivered with a notable lack of jargon—distilled modern European history from the Enlightenment to the dawn of the twentieth century and conveyed the turbulence of a rapidly changing era in European history through its ideas and leading figures. 
Richard A. Lofthouse, one of Turner’s former students, has now edited the lectures into a single volume that outlines the thoughts of a great historian on the forging of modern European ideas. Moreover, it offers a fine example of how intellectual history should be taught: rooted firmly in historical and biographical evidence.

Frank M. Turner (1944–2010) was John Hay Whitney Professor of History, director of the Beinecke Library, and university librarian, all at Yale University. Richard A. Lofthouse is editor of Oxford Today and formerly lecturer in modern history, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford.

‘This is a book that sparkles. It would be the ideal present for any intellectually curious undergraduate. Its appeal is not limited to the young however. It extends to anyone who seeks the pleasures and stimulations of a refresher course in European intellectual history. It is a book that zings.’—Alex Massie, the Daily Telegraph.

'Though he was already established as one of the pre-eminent intellectual historians of nineteenth-century Britain and Europe, Frank Turner still had much to give before his untimely death in 2010. The publication of his celebrated Yale lectures affords a wonderful opportunity for a wider audience to savour the empirical sweep and interpretative clarity of Turner’s mind.' - Simon Skinner, University of Oxford

'Frank Turner was a titanic historian whose brilliant, original, and sometimes controversial arguments were always anchored in deep scholarship. These posthumous essays on his favourite themes introduce the more relaxed and accessible scholar as he appeared to his students. Wonderful.' - Boyd HIlton, University of Cambridge

“A comprehensive and accessible introduction to modern European thought.”—Justin Zaremby, The New Criterion