"The Works of Samuel Johnson, Vols 11-13" by Samuel Johnson

The Works of Samuel Johnson, Vols 11-13 Debates in Parliament Samuel Johnson, Thomas Kaminski, Benjamin Beard Hoover, O. M. Brack

The Yale Edition of the Works of Samuel Johnson
Publication date:
22 Nov 2011
Yale University Press
1680 pages: 222 x 143mm
5 b-w illus.

From July 1741 to March 1744, Samuel Johnson composed speeches based on the actual debates in Parliament for publication in the Gentleman's Magazine. Because it was then illegal to print any account of parliamentary activities, the magazine published Johnson's contributions as the rather thinly disguised "Debates in the Senate of Magna Lilliputia." These three volumes present Johnson's entire debate project with accompanying critical notes and, for the first time, retain his original Lilliputian terminology.

Thomas Kaminski is professor of English, Loyola University. Benjamin Beard Hoover is Professor Emeritus of Brandeis University. O M Brack, Jr., is editor of Volume 17 of The Yale Edition of the Works of Samuel Johnson.