Musical Instruments Highlights of The Metropolitan Museum of Art J. Kenneth Moore, Jayson Dobney, E. Bradley Strauchen-Scherer

Publication date:
08 Oct 2015
Metropolitan Museum of Art
192 pages: 241 x 216mm
166 color illus.
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Featuring more than 100 extraordinary pieces from around the world and spanning thousands of years, this book displays the astounding diversity of musical instruments. Highlights include Bronze Age cymbals, the earliest known piano, violins made by Stradivari, slit drums from Oceania, and iconic 20th-century American guitars. Stunning new photographs reveal these objects to be works of musical and visual art—marvels of technology and masterpieces of design. Each object is explored in fascinating text describing its historical use; its sound or the technological developments that gave rise to the form of music played upon it; details about its notable makers, owners, or players; or its construction and decoration. Related works—paintings, textiles, statues, and pottery that depict instruments and music making—complement and further illuminate the narrative which provides a lively and insightful appreciation of musical instruments that will appeal to art and music lovers everywhere.

J. Kenneth Moore is Frederick P. Rose Curator in Charge, Jayson Kerr Dobney is associate curator and administrator, and Bradley Strauchen-Scherer is associate curator, all in the Department of Musical Instruments at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

"In 100 or so works, this volume give a tempting taste of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's excellent collection of historical instruments"—The New York Times Holiday Gift Guide, Classical Music section