"Enduring Bronze - Ancient Art, Modern Views" by . Mattusch

Enduring Bronze - Ancient Art, Modern Views . Mattusch

Getty Publications - (Yale)
Paperback / softback
Publication date:
03 Jul 2014
Getty Publications
272 pages: 217 x 166 x 14mm
99 colour & 14 b&w illustrations

This is a revealing consideration of ancient bronzes from their halcyon days in antiquity to their allure today. Ancient bronze statuary provides a sense of immediacy, a window directly back to the classical world. The wistful expression of a young Roman woman, the fixed jaw of a politician, and the tensed muscles of a Greek athlete appear startlingly lifelike, transfixing the viewer with their striking realism. Incredibly durable yet frequently destroyed for their valuable materials, ancient bronzes are comparatively rare discoveries. This book, richly illustrated with works from the J. Paul Getty Museum and other important collections, provides an engaging overview of classical bronzes. The exquisite volume considers bronze throughout its long history, exploring its enormous appeal from antiquity to the present day. The book discusses the many roles bronze objects played in ancient Greece and Rome and analyzes discoveries made at ancient foundries and by contemporary scientists. It also examines references to bronze in mythology, Pliny's histories, and other classical texts, as well as representations on vases and other artworks.

Carol C. Mattusch is Mathy Professor of Art History at George Mason University.