Image Wars Promoting Kings and Commonwealths in England, 1603-1660 Kevin Sharpe

Publication date:
27 Mar 2018
Yale University Press
512 pages: 235 x 156mm
90 b-w illus.
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Spin and photo opportunities may appear to have emerged onto the political scene only recently, but in fact image and its manipulation have always been vital to the authority of rulers. This book, the second in Kevin Sharpe’s trilogy exploring image, power, and communication in early modern England, examines its importance during the turbulent seventeenth century. From the coronation of James I to the end of Cromwell’s protectorate, Sharpe considers how royalists and parliamentarians—often using the same vocabularies—sought to manage their public image through words, pictures, and performances in order to win support and secure and enhance their authority.

Kevin Sharpe is director of the Centre for Renaissance and Early Modern Studies and professor of renaissance studies at Queen Mary, University of London. He is the author of The Personal Rule of Charles I, Reading Revolutions, and Selling the Tudor Monarchy. He lives in Warwickshire, England.