Medicine at Yale The First 200 Years Kerry Falvey

Publication date:
01 Dec 2010
The Yale School of Medicine
256 pages: 305 x 241mm
350 illus.

Founded in 1810, the Yale School of Medicine was among the nation’s first medical schools. Over the past 200 years it has grown and evolved to become a world-class institution for research, education, and patient care, as well as a hub of medical innovation and discovery. By highlighting key events and participants and setting the development of the institution in the context of changes in American culture and advancements in science, this full-color, beautifully illustrated volume portrays the evolution of medicine in America through the lens of the eventful history of the school.

The volume also features essays by Thomas P. Duffy, Sherwin B. Nuland, and John Harley Warner, whose diverse areas of expertise—internal medicine, surgery, and the history of medicine—lend their writings variety and breadth.

Kerry L. Falvey is managing editor of Yale School of Medicine’s Bicentennial book project.

"[It] instantly has become one of my favorites. It's a beautifully proportioned and produced coffee table-sized book, filled with splendid writing and excellent illustrations. . . . She's done a splendid job encompassing all of the challenges and triumphs in this thrilling march through medicine."—Robert Leiter, Jewish Exponent

"Medicine at Yale: The First 200 Years is a coffee table book, and a good one—heavily illustrated and elegantly presented. . . . as an accessible and attractive introduction to so wide a range of issues, the influence of Medicine at Yale: The First 200 Years is likely to spread further."—Christopher Hamlin, American Journal of Medical Association