David Lamelas - A Life of Their Own Maria Jose Herrera, Kristina Newhouse

Getty Publications -
Publication date:
20 Oct 2017
Getty Publications
200 pages: 339 x 226 x 30mm


The renowned Argentinian conceptual artist David Lamelas (born 1946) has an expansive oeuvre, which shows his work to be evocative, restive, and exhilarating. This book, published to coincide with the first monographic exhibition of the artist's work in the United States, offers an incisive look into Lamelas's art. The guiding analytic theme in this book is the artist's adaptability to place and circumstance, which invariably influences his creative production. Lamelas left Argentina in the mid-1960s to study at Saint Martin's in London. Since then, he divides his time among various cities. While the typical narrative invoked about artists like Lamelas is that of "internationalism," Lamelas has always been more "postnational" than "international" in his nomadic movement, from one place or conceptual framework to the next.

Mar a Jos Herrera is executive director of Museo de Arte Tigre in Buenos Aires. Kristina Newhouse is curator of the University Art Museum, California State University, Long Beach.