The New Model Army Agent of Revolution Ian Gentles

Publication date:
22 Mar 2022
Yale University Press
416 pages: 235 x 156mm
16 b-w illus. + 9 maps


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The definitive account of the superior fighting force that powered the English Revolution

The New Model Army was one of the most formidable fighting forces ever assembled. Formed in 1645, it was crucial in overthrowing the monarchy and propelling one of its most brilliant generals, Oliver Cromwell, to power during the English Revolution. Paradoxically, it was also instrumental in restoring the king in 1660. But the true nature of this army has long been debated.
In this authoritative history, Ian Gentles examines the full scope of the New Model Army. As a fighting force it engineered regicide, pioneered innovative military tactics, and helped to keep Cromwell in power as Lord Protector until his death. All the while, those within its ranks promoted radical political ideas inspired by the Levellers and held dissenting religious beliefs. Gentles explores how brilliant battlefield maneuvering and logistical prowess contributed to its victories—and demonstrates the vital role religion played in building morale and military effectiveness.

Formerly of York University, Ian Gentles is Distinguished Professor in History at Tyndale University, Toronto. An expert on the English Revolution, he is the author of The English Revolution and the Wars in the Three Kingdoms and Oliver Cromwell, among numerous other books and articles.