Pablo Reinoso Gerard Wajcman, Henri-Francois Debailleux

Publication date:
28 Feb 2017
Five Continents Editions
256 pages: 250 x 150 x 15mm

This book is the first important monograph dedicated to the work of Pablo Reinoso (b. 1955), a leading French-Argentinian artist and designer known for his Spaghetti Benches--found all over the world--and his variations of the iconic Thonet chair. Over more than 40 years, Reinoso has produced his works in series. Here, in more than 200 superb color illustrations, are Reinoso's best-known masterpieces as well as more recent works that have been on view around the world. In his most recent series, Scribbling Benches (started in 2009), Reinoso no longer takes an anonymous bench, nor an iconic chair, as his point of departure, but instead a steel girder. These works play on the unexpectedness of a solid, heavy object, a key structural component in architecture, that is made to twist like a piece of wire and turn into a bench suggesting airy, transparent, contemplative spaces. The book explores Reinoso's worlds and his uses of different materials, which constantly translate the permanent into a work in progress.

Gerard Wajcman is a lecturer in the Department of Psychoanalysis at the University of Paris 8.||Henri-Francois Debailleux is a longtime contributor to Liberation; he also teaches at the Institut des Carrieres Artistiques.