The National Gallery Visitor's Guide With 10 Self-Guided Tours Louise Govier

Publication date:
24 Feb 2009
National Gallery London
112 pages: 248 x 190mm
120 color illus.

Visitors to the National Gallery in London can view the unfolding story of Western European art, from 1250 to the early 20th century, by strolling through the centuries in one inviting gallery after another. But there are also many other ways to approach the world-renowned National Gallery Collection. This compact and generously illustrated guide contains an illustrated history of the building and collections, as well as ten unique tours designed to delight viewers young and old.


Each themed tour consists of four or five paintings, with brief information on the artwork and the artists. The ten themes include: Masterpieces, Family, Animals, Impressionism and Beyond, Color and Technique, Costume, Myths and Legends, The Life of Christ, Landscape, and Frames. With concise information on the architecture, history, and structure of the National Gallery, this guide is both a useful tool for planning a visit and a souvenir to treasure upon returning home.