Lectures on Art - Selected Conferences from the Academie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture, 1667- 1772 Christian Michel, Jacqueline Lichtenstein, Chris Miller

Paperback / softback
Publication date:
25 Aug 2020
Getty Research Institute,U.S.
480 pages: 250 x 200 x 15mm


Between 1667 and 1792, the artists and amateurs of the Acade mie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture in Paris lectured on the Acade mie's 'confe rences', foundational documents in the theory and practice of art. These texts and the principles they embody guided artistic practice and art theory in France and throughout Europe for two centuries. In the 1800s, the Acade mie's influence waned, and few of the 388 Acade mie lectures were translated into English. Eminent scholars Christian Michel and Jacqueline Lichtenstein have selected and annotated forty-two of the most representative lectures, creating the first authoritative collection of the 'confe rences' for readers of English. Essential to understanding French art of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, these lectures reveal what leading French artists looked for in a painting or sculpture, the problems they sought to resolve in their works, and how they viewed their own and others' artistic practice.

Christian Michel is a professor of art history at the Universite de Lausanne, a leading scholar of artistic production in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Europe, and the author of many essays, articles, and books.|Jacqueline Lichtenstein was a philosopher and art historian specializing in the history and criticism of art and aesthetics. She taught at the University of Paris-IV-Sorbonne, the University of Paris-X-Nanterre, the E cole du Louvre, and the University of California, Berkeley. Lichtenstein died in 2019.|Chris Miller is a widely published critic and translator, cofounder of the Oxford Amnesty Lectures, and author of 'Forms of Transcendence: The Art of Roger Wagner' (2009).