"House Paints, 1900-1960 - History and Use" by . Standeven

House Paints, 1900-1960 - History and Use . Standeven

Getty Publications - (Yale)
Paperback / softback
Publication date:
26 May 2011
Getty Publications
176 pages: 278 x 216 x 15mm

This title provides an extensive and comprehensive examination of the history and use of modern house paints. The versatility of modern commercial house paints has ensured their use in a broad range of applications, including the protection and decoration of historic buildings, the coating of toys and furniture, and the creation of works of art. While the ubiquity of commercial paints means that conservators are increasingly called upon to preserve them, such paints pose unique challenges including establishing exactly which materials are present. This book traces the history of the household paint industry in the USA and UK over the first half of the 20th century and will be of interest to conservators and conservation scientists working on a broad range of painted surfaces, as well as curators, art historians, and historians of architectural paint.

Harriet A. L. Standeven is a freelance conservator specializing in the care of modern and contemporary art.