"Walker Evans - Cuba" by Andrei Codrescu

Walker Evans - Cuba Andrei Codrescu

Paperback / softback
Publication date:
19 May 2011
Getty Publications
96 pages: 290 x 267 x 11mm
73 duotone photographs

This is a stunning exploration of quintessential American photographer Walker Evans' images of Cuba in the 1930s. In 1933, Walker Evans travelled to Cuba to take photographs for "The Crime of Cuba", a book by American journalist Carleton Beals whose explicit goal was to expose the corruption of Dictator Gerardo Machado and the tortuous relationship between the US and its near island neighbour. Evan's photographs are fascinating both for their subject matter and how they capture the photographer's artistic development. This volume brings together more than 60 of these stunning images, alongside a feisty text that helps to provide a sense of the aesthetic and political forces that were shaping Evan's art at the time of his trip. Together, the images and the insightful essay provide a compelling story of a major artist at an important juncture in his career and development.

Andrei Codrescu is a poet, novelist, essayist, cultural commentator, and author.