Stone Conservation - An Overview of Current Research . Doehne

Getty Publications -
Paperback / softback
Publication date:
30 Dec 2010
Getty Publications
164 pages: 278 x 216 x 13mm
1 b/w illus., 1 line drawing & 2 tables

This is a detailed and informative overview of the latest research and development in stone conservation. Petra, Angkor, Copan, Venice, Lascaux, Easter Island - all are examples of irreplaceable cultural heritage built in stone and now slowly disappearing. "Stone Conservation" is a tool for conservators and conservation scientists to guide policy, practice, and research in the preservation of stone in monuments, sculpture, and archaeological sites. This second edition reflects the explosion of new research, enlarging the discussion of preventive conservation and adding new sections on rock art and other subjects. It provides a strategic overview of stone conservation research and an updated critique of the field's strengths and weaknesses. The accompanying bibliography summarizes material published between 1995 and 2009 and provides a framework for building a coherent base of useful knowledge for practicing conservators and scientists.

Eric Doehne is a scientist at the Getty Conservation Institute. Clifford Price is Emeritus Professor of Archaeological Conservation at University College London.