"Love and the Erotic in Art" by . Zuffi

Love and the Erotic in Art . Zuffi

Getty Publications -
Paperback / softback
Publication date:
06 May 2010
Getty Publications
384 pages: 200 x 138 x 24mm
400 full-colour illustrations; 400 full-colour illustrations

This is a magnificently illustrated and enlightening journey through the visual portrayal of love and sexuality in Western art. Even in the modern world where explicit imagery is manifest, an erotic painting from half a millennia ago can still manage to create a sensation. This new addition to the highly-acclaimed "Guide to Imagery Series" takes readers on a fascinating romp through the portrayal of love and sexuality in Western art - ranging from chaste tenderness to overwhelming frenzies of the senses, and from Classical allusion to sexual fantasy. Individual chapters focus on specific themes, with a detailed and informative reading of the significance and symbolic content of the individual works illustrating each theme.

Stefano Zuffi is the author of Gospel Figures in Art, European Art of the Fifteenth Century, and European Art of the Sixteenth Century.