"Plant Biology for Cultural Heritage - Biodeterioration and Conservation" by . Caneva

Plant Biology for Cultural Heritage - Biodeterioration and Conservation . Caneva

Getty Publications -
Publication date:
22 Jan 2009
Getty Conservation Institute,US
400 pages: 245 x 171 x 25mm
169 colour & 107 b&w illustrations

This title brings together a wide-ranging collection of works relating to the biodeterioration and conservation of art, architecture, and archaeological sites around the world. This volume presents the work of dozens of leading scientist working on the problems presented by the biological degradation of cultural heritage. "Plant Biology for Cultural Heritage" not only tackles general topics - including mechanism of biodeterioration, correlation between biodeterioration and environment, and destructive organisms - but also specific ones, such as the problems presented by different materials, various environmental and climatic conditions, and diverse geographic settings. This volume also discusses solutions for the prevention and control of deterioration, including appropriate diagnostic techniques.

Giulia Caneva is professor of botany at the Universita degli Studi Roma Tre. Maria Nugari is director of the Instituto Centrale del Restauro in Rome. Ornella Salvadori is director of the scientific laboratory of the Sopintendenza Speciale per il Polo Museal Veneziano.