Beasts Factual and Fantastic Elizabeth Morrison

Publication date:
25 Jun 2007
Getty Publications
112 pages: 217 x 197 x 15mm

'Beasts Factual and Fantastic' is the first in the Medieval Imagination series of small, affordable books that will draw on manuscript illuminations from the Middle Ages and early Renaissance. Often, as is in the case of the imaginary beasts that readers will encounter in this volume, artists depicted that which they did not see or know but which was nonetheless shaped by the prevailing beliefs, fears, and rudimentary science of the time. In other cases, manuscript illuminators recorded what they indeed did see - which, centuries later, reveals much about the world in which they lived. This volume features vivid and charming details from the wealth of manuscripts in the collections of the J. Paul Getty Museum and the British Library, along with a lively text; together both word and image provide an accessible and delightful introduction to the imagination of the medieval world.

Elizabeth Morrisonis senior curator of manuscripts at the J. Paul Getty Museum, coauthor of 'The Adventures of Gillion de Trazegnies' (Getty Publications, 2015), and editor of The Book of Beasts (Getty Publications, 2019) and 'A Knight for the Ages: Jacques de Lalaing and the Art of Chivalry' (Getty Publications, 2018).