"Artists' Techniques & Materials" by . Fuga

Artists' Techniques & Materials . Fuga

Getty Publications -
Paperback / softback
Publication date:
11 Jan 2007
J. Paul Getty Museum
384 pages: 211 x 134 x 26mm
400 full-colour illustrations

An artist's materials - from the broad brushstrokes of a Van Gogh oil painting, the sparkling gold leaf of a Byzantine mosaic, to the fragile translucence of a porcelain vase - are not just the results of their work. They are the physical embodiment of the artist's creative vision and a reflection of the historical context in which they were used. "Artists' Techniques and Materials" is an extensive and intriguing discussion of the materials and processes used in eight artistic media - painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, mosaics, ceramics, glass, and metalwork. Chapters look at each of the topics, with a discussion of the range of materials and techniques that have developed through the centuries. With its 400 full-colour illustrations, this volume is provides new insight into the creation of many of the world's greatest works of art.

Antonella Fuga is a renowned art historian who specialises in the field of decorative arts.