"Seeing the Getty Villa" by . Ross

Seeing the Getty Villa . Ross

Getty Publications - (Yale)
Paperback / softback
Publication date:
01 Feb 2006
Getty Publishing
64 pages: 155 x 153 x 7mm
b&w illustrations, 70 colour illustrations

This beautiful souvenir book captures the visual delights, both man-made and natural, of the newly renovated Getty Villa, set to open in winter 2006. More than seventy colour photographs artfully record the stunning architecture and grounds of the Villa. Visiting the new Villa will reap numerous aesthetic rewards, for all the senses. Seeing the Getty Villa will surely reward the visual one. The book is in a sense a tour guide in image and text, taking readers into and through the site, beginning with the cobblestone 'Roman road' and the dramatic new entranceway, and then into the Museum entry court and sun-filled atrium. The visual narration continues into the refurbished Museum building, with stops for readers to admire the galleries of Greek, Roman, and Etruscan works of art before perusing the landscaped gardens, fountains, wall paintings, mosaics, and newly built outdoor amphitheatre. In sum, the lush pictures and concise words compose a portrait of a place that will enchant and surprise. "Seeing the Getty Villa" will appeal to lovers of architecture, photography, and ancient art and will make a lovely gift book as well.