Stories in Stone - Conserving Mosaics of Roman Africa Aicha Ben Abed

Publication date:
11 Jan 2007
Getty Publications
200 pages: 287 x 256 x 21mm
140 full-colour illustrations, plus map

During the reign of the Roman Empire, many of the town houses and rural estates in North Africa were decorated with beautiful and elaborate mosaics. These often stunning works were especially widespread in what is now modern-day Tunisia. This stunning volume is structured around four principal themes - Nature, Theatre and Spectacle, Gods and Myths, and Technique - and features 27 mosaics from Tunisia's leading museums. "Stories in Stone" also contains nine richly illustrated essays that illuminate the history of mosaic art, the development of the principal themes, and the conservation of mosaic art both in museums and in situ.

Aicha ben Abed is Director of Monuments & Sites at the Institut National du Patrimoine, Tunis.