"Heritage Values in Site Management - Four Case Studies" by . Torre

Heritage Values in Site Management - Four Case Studies . Torre

Getty Publications - (Yale)
Paperback / softback
Publication date:
31 Mar 2006
Getty Publications
203 pages: 278 x 215 x 16mm
6 charts, 53 b&w illustrations, 11 maps


The analysis of the four historic sites featured in this publication - Grosse Ile and the Irish Memorial National Historic Site in Canada, Chaco Culture National Historical Park in the United States, Port Arthur Historic Site in Australia, and Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site in the United Kingdom - provides valuable insight into the creation and management of heritage values. Each case study articulates how values are identified and assessed by the governing bodies; where (and with whom) the values reside; how the values are implemented into management policies and objectives; and the impact that these decisions have on the sites themselves. This book will be a vital tool for institutions and individuals engaged in the study or practice of site management, conservation planning, and/or historic preservation. Also included is a CD-ROM that contains supplemental management and planning documents created and used by the site-management authorities.

Marta de la Torre is the director of the Museum Studies Graduate Certificate Program at Florida International University in Miami. Randall Mason is associate professor of architecture, Graduate Program in Historic Preservation, at the University of Pennsylvania. Margaret G. H. MacLean is a cultural heritage analyst with the United States Department of State. David Myers is research associate at the GCI. GETTY CONSERVATION INSTITUTE