"Greek Gold From Hellenistic Egypt" by Michael Pfrommer

Greek Gold From Hellenistic Egypt Michael Pfrommer

Paperback / softback
Publication date:
31 Mar 2006
J. Paul Getty Museum
96 pages: 237 x 191 x 7mm
34 colour & 43 b&w illustrations, 1 map

A discussion of the style, iconography and craftsmanship of 17 spectacular pieces of gold jewellery from Ptolemaic Egypt, dating from the late-3rd century BC. The pieces include earrings, bracelets, beads and a hairnet. The author places the pieces in their historical and iconographic context with special emphasis on the pieces as expressions of dynastic power.

Michael Pfrommer, associatc professor of classical archaeology at the University of Trier (Germany), is a specialist in Hellenistic metalwork and the author of Getty publication Metalwork from the Hellenized East, 1993.