"Greek Funerary Sculpture - Catalogue of the Collections" by . Grossman

Greek Funerary Sculpture - Catalogue of the Collections . Grossman

Getty Publications -
Publication date:
31 Mar 2006
Getty Publications
160 pages: 315 x 236 x 20mm
125 b&w illustrations, 1 map

Much of the sculpture created in ancient Greece that has survived is funerary in nature. These markers commemorating the dead were traditionally placed along roads near the entrances to cities, where they could be seen by all. Although the monuments vary greatly in style, quality and elaboration, they reach across the millennia speaking the universal language of human grief. This illustrated catalogue presents fifty-nine Greek funerary monuments in the Antiquities collection of the Getty Museum. Spanning the Classical and Hellenistic periods, this collection offers new insight into Greek art and society that will be of interest to both scholars and the general public.

Janet Burnett Grossman is assistant curator of antiquities at the Getty Museum