Picture Cape Town - Landmarks of a New Generation . Gibson

Paperback / softback
Publication date:
01 Mar 1997
Getty Publications
120 pages: 215 x 268 x 10mm
10 colour and 75 b&w illustrations

What is a landmark? A place of history? An event? A notable structure? What should we preserve? Ten young photographers, aged between eleven and eighteen years, from diverse cultural, economic and religious backgrounds, take up these questions in a unique project aimed at getting young people to start thinking about conservation and about the meaning of cultural heritage. In the process they have produced some compelling images, some disturbing ones, and others which are intensely personal. As a whole, this visual narrative of an African city - proud, diverse and full of energy - prompts a reassessment of the notion that Cape Town is a bit of Europe which lost its way. The project not only identifies personal and social landmarks, it also encompasses the built environment and coastline in images which are familiar, yet revealing. Not simply a book on Cape Town, Picture Cape Town: Landmarks of a new generation challenges us to reflect on how we ourselves are marked by, and interpret, the environment in which we live.