Anthony Van Dyck - Thomas Howard, The Earl of Arundel Christopher White

Paperback / softback
Publication date:
31 Jan 1996
Getty Publications
94 pages: 231 x 199 x 7mm
17 colour & 37 duotone illustrations, 1 colour foldout

During his first visit to London, Anthony van Dyck produced his portrait of Thomas Howard. It marked the beginning of van Dyck's brilliant international career. Thomas Howard, a prominent member of the court of James I, was to become one of the greatest and most enlightened collectors and patrons England has ever known. In this probing study, White provides a history both of Howard, and of van Dyck, whose canvases established the grand tradition of portraiture both in England and on the Continent. This volume in the Getty Museum Studies in Art series offers not only a complete study of a great painting but also a primer on how great collections are formed and great careers are launched.