"If..." by Sarah Perry

If... Sarah Perry, Sarah Perry

Publication date:
31 Mar 2006
J. Paul Getty Museum
46 pages: 262 x 225 x 10mm
20 colour illustrations

If...is a book of surreal possibilities. It can be explored in many different ways. you can use a single illustration or combine several to create your own stories. For example, "If frogs ate rainbows.".., what would their craoks sound like and what would they say? Or "If cats could fly...and "If mice were hair.".., what then? In contrast, you can perceive each painting as a complete story in itself. I hope this book triggers a smile (either private or shared ) and will help you experience the real wonders surrounding us all: water can become solid; bees do dance; and birds can truly soar.

Sarah Perry is an artist living in Los Angeles.