The Weaponisation of Everything A Field Guide to the New Way of War Mark Galeotti

Publication date:
25 Jan 2022
Yale University Press
248 pages: 216 x 140mm
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An engaging guide to the various ways in which war is now waged—and how to adapt to this new reality

Hybrid War, Grey Zone Warfare, Unrestricted War: today, traditional conflict—fought with guns, bombs, and drones—has become too expensive to wage, too unpopular at home, and too difficult to manage. In an age when America threatens Europe with sanctions, and when China spends billions buying influence abroad, the world is heading for a new era of permanent low-level conflict, often unnoticed, undeclared, and unending.
Transnational crime expert Mark Galeotti provides a comprehensive and ground-breaking survey of the new way of war. Ranging across the globe, Galeotti shows how today’s conflicts are fought with everything from disinformation and espionage to crime and subversion, leading to instability within countries and a legitimacy crisis across the globe. But rather than suggest that we hope for a return to a bygone era of “stable” warfare, Galeotti details ways of surviving, adapting, and taking advantage of the opportunities presented by this new reality.

Mark Galeotti is an honorary professor at UCL SSEES and senior associate fellow at the Royal United Services Institute. An expert on transnational crime and Russian security affairs, Galeotti has written numerous books including The Vory and We Need to Talk About Putin.

“A thought-provoking and important work. Galeotti wears his considerable knowledge lightly.”—Mark Urban, author of The Skripal Files: The Life and Near Death of a Russian Spy

"Necessary reading for the strategically inclined. Wars are no longer won on battlefields, and Galeotti explains where and how to win. Governments around the world will find it a necessary wake-up call.”—Sean McFate, author of The New Rules of War: How America Can Win Against Russia, China, and Other Threats

“Consistently interesting and always accessible, a book that contributes greatly to the public debate on the future of war.”—Jeremy Black, author of Military Strategy: A Global History

“A terrific book written in a fast and lively style, and covering all the relevant issues … Galeotti is a well-known authority in this field.”—Chris Bellamy, author of Absolute War: Soviet Russia in the Second World War