"Ludwig van Beethoven" by Jan Marisse Huizing

Ludwig van Beethoven The Piano Sonatas; History, Notation, Interpretation Jan Marisse Huizing, Gerald R. Mettam

Publication date:
08 Feb 2022
Yale University Press
336 pages: 235 x 156 x 21mm
294 b-w illus.
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A comprehensive and immersive survey of thirty-five Beethoven piano sonatas

Beethoven’s piano sonatas are among the iconic cornerstones of the classical music repertoire. Jan Marisse Huizing offers an in-depth study of the sonatas using available autographs, first editions, recordings, and nearly three hundred musical examples.

Digging into the historical background and historical performance practice, the book provides illuminating detail on Beethoven’s pianism as well as his characteristics of notation, form and content, “types of touch,” articulation, beaming, pedal indications, character, rubato, meter, metric constructions, tempo, and metronome marks.

Packed with anecdotes, quotations, and considerable new information, the book will inspire all involved with these masterworks, playing a fortepiano or modern Grand, giving the sense of the composer sitting beside them as he translates his inspiration and ideas into his notation.

Jan Marisse Huizing is Emeritus Professor of Piano and Piano Methodology at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and served as artistic director of The International Holland Music Sessions. His publications include Frédéric Chopin: TheEtudes (Schott). Gerald R. Mettam translates extensively in life sciences and music, alongside The Cost of Sugar and other historical novels by Cynthia McLeod.