Stop Mugging Grandma The 'Generation Wars' and Why Boomer Blaming Won't Solve Anything Jennie Bristow

Publication date:
25 Jun 2019
Yale University Press
224 pages: 216 x 140mm

Millennials have been incited to regard their parents’ generation as entitled and selfish, and to blame the baby boomers of the Sixties for the cultural and economic problems of today. But is it true that young people have been victimized by their elders?

In this book, Jennie Bristow looks at generational labels and the groups of people they apply to. Bristow argues that the prominence and popularity of terms like "baby boomer," "millennial," and "snowflake" in mainstream media operates as a smoke-screen—directing attention away from important issues such as housing, education, pensions, and employment. Bristow systematically disputes the myths that surround the "generational war," exposing it to be nothing more than a tool by which the political and social elite can avoid public scrutiny. With her lively and engaging style, Bristow highlights the major issues and concerns surrounding the sociological blame game.

Jennie Bristow is senior lecturer in sociology at Canterbury Christ Church University. She is the author of The Sociology of Generations and Baby Boomers and Generational Conflict. She is a frequent contributor to national print and broadcast media.