"The Qur'an: Text and Commentary, Volume 1" by Angelika Neuwirth

The Qur'an: Text and Commentary, Volume 1 Early Meccan Suras: Poetic Prophesy Angelika Neuwirth, Samuel Wilder

Publication date:
26 Jul 2022
Yale University Press
528 pages: 235 x 156mm
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The first volume of a world-renowned scholar’s long-awaited Qur’an commentary, now available in English

Angelika Neuwirth’s six-volume commentary, published originally in Germany, offers a historical and philological analysis of the form, structure, and semantic message of each of the 114 Qur’anic suras. It brings together the fruits of the past hundred years of modern scholarship and provides access to the aesthetic, theological, linguistic, and semantic background required to appreciate the unique novelty, force, and historical position of the Qur’an. Contextualizing the Qur’anic message in the broader world of late antiquity, it bridges the gaps between the inner-Islamic scholarly world and the academy.
Skillfully translated by Samuel Wilder, this first volume focuses on the Meccan suras, the earliest and often the most aesthetically striking and compelling part of the corpus of Qur’anic proclamations.

Angelika Neuwirth is professor emeritus of Qur’anic studies at the Freie Universität Berlin. Samuel Wilder is a translator who has held postdoctoral research fellowships at the Freie Universität Berlin and the Orient-Institut Beirut. He lives in Berlin.

“Neuwirth is a paradigm-changer in the field of late antique and early Islamic studies—a philologist in the best possible sense. Her holistic understanding of the Qur’an as both written text and oral performance has placed her at the forefront of what is most exciting in the now rejuvenated multi-disciplinary field of Quranic studies.”—Elizabeth Key Fowden, University of Cambridge