The Yi River Commentary on the Book of Changes Cheng Yi, L. Michael Harrington, Robin R. Wang

World Thought in Translation
Publication date:
09 Jul 2019
Yale University Press
576 pages: 235 x 156 x 37mm
67 b-w illus.
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A translation of a key commentary on perhaps the most broadly influential text of classical China

This book is a translation of a key commentary on the Book of Changes, or Yijing (I Ching), perhaps the most broadly influential text of classical China. The Yijing first appeared as a divination text in Zhou-dynasty China (ca. 1045–256 bce) and later became a work of cosmology, philosophy, and political theory as commentators supplied it with new meanings. While many English translations of the Yijing itself exist, none are paired with a historical commentary as thorough and methodical as that written by the Confucian scholar Cheng Yi, who turned the original text into a coherent work of political theory.

Cheng Yi (1033–1107) was a Confucian philosopher of Song-dynasty China. L. Michael Harrington is associate professor of philosophy at Duquesne University. Robin R. Wang is professor of philosophy and director of Asian and Pacific Studies at Loyola Marymount University.