"Music with Words" by Virgil Thomson

Music with Words A Composer`s View Virgil Thomson

Publication date:
10 Jun 2014
Yale University Press
112 pages: 254 x 178mm
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In this practical, stylish, and authoritative book, one of America’s most influential musical figures reveals how he learned to compose music for English poetry and prose. Illustrated with numerous examples from his own works, Virgil Thomson’s discourses on the union of poetry and music will delight and instruct anyone who composes, performs, or simply listens to vocal music.

"This delightful and informative book is a triply harmonious meeting of Virgil Thomsonís celebrated words with the meeting of text and music. It is of great value to listeners and performers both, and if it represents a composerís view, it also manifests the writerís art."óJohn Hollander

"Rare indeed are musicians who are equally capable of expressing their ideas in a cogent literary manner and to compose music in a distinctive personal style. Virgil Thomson is such a musician. In his Music with Words, he gives the reader an instructive view of the interdependence of music and words with ample illustrations from his own compositions."óNicolas Slonimsky

"Nothing quite like this have ever existed before. Succinct, authoritative, no-nonsense, yet endearing, Virgil Thomson could be talking straight to you in those novel and ordered phrases from his novel and ordered parlor at the Chelsea. How I envy such unflagging, intelligent energy. I mean it complimentarily when I say that some of Virgil Thomsonís opinions jar me. For there is no one with whom I take more pleasure in disagreeing."óNed Rorem