"Key Concepts in Chinese Philosophy" by Dainian Zhang

Key Concepts in Chinese Philosophy Dainian Zhang, Edmund Ryden

The Culture & Civilization of China
Publication date:
25 Jun 2013
Yale University Press
592 pages: 235 x 156mm
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Not for sale in China

This book is both a good introduction to Chinese philosophy and an invaluable reference tool for sinologists. Comments by important Chinese thinkers are arranged around sixty-four key concepts to illustrate their meaning and use through twenty-five centuries of Chinese philosophy. This unique guide was prepared by Zhang Dainian, one of China’s most famous living philosophers.

Zhang reaches back to include concepts in use before the oracle bones (c. 1350–1100 B.C.)—what could be called a philosophical “prehistory.” But the focus of the work is those concepts that gained currency in classical Chinese philosophy, especially those whose meanings are deeper and more difficult to grasp. Translated and edited by Edmund Ryden in consultation with the author, the book also includes helpful introductory commentary by Ryden for each section.

Zhang Dainian is professor emeritus of philosophy at Beijing University. Edmund Ryden is director of the Cross Cultural Centre, Fujen Catholic University, Taiwan.

“This book is a valuable contribution to our understanding of Chinese philosophy by an important scholar of philosophy in China.”—Carine Defoort, University of Leuven, Belgium