Urban Hunters Dealing and Dreaming in Times of Transition Lars Højer, Morten Axel Pedersen

Eurasia Past and Present
Publication date:
22 Oct 2019
Yale University Press
288 pages: 235 x 156mm
28 b-w illus.

An ethnography of the Mongolian capital city of Ulaanbaatar during the nation’s transition from socialism to a market-based economic system

Following the Soviet Union’s collapse in 1991, Mongolia entered a period of economic chaos characterized by wild inflation, disappearing banks, and closing farms, factories, and schools. During this time of widespread poverty, a generation of young adults came of age. In exploring the social, cultural, and existential ramifications of a transition that has become permanent and acquired a logic of its own, Lars Højer and Morten Axel Pedersen present a new theorization of social agency in postsocialist as well as postcolonial contexts.

Lars Højer is associate professor and deputy head at the Department for Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen, and the director of Centre for Comparative Culture Studies. Morten Axel Pedersen is professor of social anthropology at the University of Copenhagen and a             vice‑director of the Copenhagen Centre for Social Data Science.