Gates of Light Sha'are Orah Joseph Gikkatilla

Sacred Literature Trust Series
Publication date:
18 Oct 2010
Yale University Press
448 pages: 3962 x 5944mm
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Until now, few primary texts on the Kabbalah have been available in English. Under the auspices of the Bronfman Library of Jewish Classics, this historic publicatin of Gates of Light allows readers to enter the hidden world of the Kabbalah and its profound and beautiful Biblical interpretation. This central text of Jewish mysticism was written in thirteenth-century Spain, where Kabbalah flourished. Considered to be the most articulate work on the mystical Kabbalah, Gates of Light provides a systematic and comprehensive explanation of the Names of God and their mystical applications. The Kabbalah presents a unique strategy for intimacy with the Creator and new insights into the Hebrew scriptures. In the Kabbalah, aspects of God emanate from the hierarchy of Ten Spheres interconnected by channels that may be disrupted or repaired through human activity.

Rabbi Joseph Ibn Gikatilla was a renowned teacher of Kabbalah and developed the most systematic approach to Jewish mysticism.