"Crop Genetic Diversity in the Field and on the Farm" by Devra I. Jarvis

Crop Genetic Diversity in the Field and on the Farm Principles and Applications in Research Practices Devra I. Jarvis, Toby Hodgkin, Anthony H. D. Brown, John Tuxill, Isabel López Noriega, Melinda Smale, Bhuwon Sthapit, Cristián Samper

Yale Agrarian Studies Series
Publication date:
02 May 2016
Yale University Press
416 pages: 235 x 156 x 22mm
82 b-w illus.
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Based on twenty years of global research, this is the first comprehensive reference on crop genetic diversity as it is maintained on farmland around the world. Showcasing the findings of seven experts representing the fields of ecology, crop breeding, genetics, anthropology, economics, and policy, this invaluable resource places farmer-managed crop biodiversity squarely in the center of the science needed to feed the world and restore health to our productive landscapes. It will prove to be an essential tool in the training of agricultural and environmental scientists seeking the solutions necessary to ensure healthy, resilient ecosystems for future generations.

Devra Jarvis is principal scientist, Bioversity International. Toby Hodgkin is coordinator, Platform for Agrobiodiversity Research, and honorary research fellow, Bioversity International. Anthony H. D. Brown is honorary research fellow, CSIRO Plant Industry. John Tuxill is associate professor, Western Washington University. Isabel López Noriega is legal expert for Bioversity International. Melinda Smale is professor, Department of Agriculture, Food, and Resources Economics, Michigan State University. Bhuwon Sthapit is senior scientist, Bioversity International.

“The definitive text that puts crop genetic diversity and agrobiodiversity in the context of evolutionary biology and adaptation to rapid changes in the Anthropocene. . . . an essential tool in training young scientists to produce the information and solutions that will contribute to healthy and resilient ecosystems for future generations.”—From the Foreword by Cristián Samper

“Sound and original scholarship. Retaining crop genetic diversity is important to the future of human civilization, and this book provides a good, modern general reference to the science of crop genetic diversity.”—Tim Murray, Washington State University

“The wisdom and hard work of millions of farmers since the advent of agriculture are finally acknowledged and explained in this landmark book, which is a must-read for every student or practicing agronomist, ecologist, environmentalist, and conservationist. The authors need to be congratulated for a detailed account of the value of and the need for conserving traditional varieties, which is the key element for transforming the present dead-end agriculture into a sustainable model based on diverse genetic crop makeup, complemented by diverse cropping systems.”—Hans R. Herren, Co Chair IAASTD

“A comprehensive, wide-ranging, and authoritative text by a virtual ‘dream team’ of scholars on the subject of on-farm crop genetic diversity. A great resource for students and researchers around the globe who are concerned with the future of agriculture and food security.”—Christine Padoch, Center for International Forestry Research

“This skillfully written work makes the various fields of genetics, ecology, economics, anthropology, and public policy accessible to a wide audience.”—Choice