Edmund Husserl's Freiburg Years 1916-1938 J. N. Mohanty

Yale Studies in Hermeneutics
Publication date:
23 Aug 2011
Yale University Press
512 pages: 235 x 156 x 35mm
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In his award-winning book The Philosophy of Edmund Husserl: A Historical Development, J. N. Mohanty charted Husserl's philosophical development from the young man's earliest studies—informed by his work as a mathematician—to the publication of his Ideas in 1913. In this welcome new volume, the author takes up the final decades of Husserl's life, addressing the work of his Freiburg period, from 1916 until his death in 1938.

As in his earlier work, Mohanty here offers close readings of Husserl's main texts accompanied by accurate summaries, informative commentaries, and original analyses. This book, along with its companion volume, completes the most up-to-date, well-informed, and comprehensive account ever written on Husserl's phenomenological philosophy and its development.

J. N. Mohanty is professor emeritus of philosophy, Temple University. His most recent book, The Philosophy of Edmund Husserl: A Historical Development, published by Yale University Press, won ForeWord Magazine's Gold Medal Book of the Year Award in Philosophy as well as the Edward Goodwin Ballard Prize in Phenomenology. He lives in Ambler, PA.

"Mohanty provides insightful, careful analysis that is textually grounded and attentive to the ways in which Husserl's thought has developed while still remaining true to core themes."—J. Donohoe, Choice