"Dissertation on Predestination and Grace" by Michael J. Murray

Dissertation on Predestination and Grace Michael J. Murray, G. W. Leibniz, Robert C. Sleigh, Jr., Daniel Garber, George Wright

The Yale Leibniz Series
Publication date:
26 Apr 2011
Yale University Press
226 pages: 235 x 152mm
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In this book G. W. Leibniz presents not only his reflections on predestination and election but also a more detailed account of the problem of evil than is found in any of his other works apart from the Theodicy. Surprisingly, his Dissertation on Predestination and Grace has never before been published in any form. Michael J. Murray's project of translating, editing, and providing commentary for the volume will therefore attract great interest among scholars and students of Leibniz's philosophy and theology. Leibniz addresses such topics as free will, moral responsibility, divine causation, justice, punishment, divine foreknowledge, and human freedom, revealing crucial aspects of the genesis of his mature metaphysics and the theological motivations behind it.

Michael J. Murray is Arthur and Katherine Shadek Professor in the Humanities and Philosophy, Franklin and Marshall College. He lives in Lancaster, PA. George Wright is professor of legal studies at the University of Wisconsin in Superior, WI. He lives in Duluth, MN.