"Joshua 1-12" by Thomas B. Dozeman

Joshua 1-12 A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary Thomas B. Dozeman

The Anchor Yale Bible Commentaries
Publication date:
28 Jul 2015
Yale University Press
656 pages: 235 x 156 x 41mm
4 b-w maps
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An acknowledged expert on the Hebrew Bible, Thomas Dozeman offers a fresh translation of the Hebrew and Greek texts of the book of Joshua and explores the nature, function, and causes of the religious violence depicted therein. By blending the distinct teachings of Deuteronomy and the Priestly literature, Dozeman provides a unique interpretation of holy war as a form of sacred genocide, arguing that, since peace in the promised land required the elimination of the populations of all existent royal cities, a general purging of the land accompanied the progress of the ark of the covenant. This essential work of religious scholarship demonstrates how the theme of total genocide is reinterpreted as partial conquest when redactors place Joshua, an independent book, between Deuteronomy and Judges. The author traces the evolution of this reinterpretation of the central themes of religious violence while providing a comparison of the two textual versions of Joshua and an insightful analysis of the book’s reception history.

Thomas B. Dozeman is professor of Hebrew Bible at United Theological Seminary in Ohio. His previous books include God at War and Methods for Exodus. He lives in Chicago, IL.

“Dozeman’s first instalment of a new commentary on Joshua will not disappoint readers… a fine commentary in a well-established series. It will make a lasting contribution to scholarship on the book of Joshua.”—Paul Foster, Ecclesiology Today